Praxis Aeronautics encapsulates solar cells directly into composite material by a patented (pending) process that sets a new benchmark for industry; unrivalled in cost and range in application for use.  

Our innovative process builds solar powered drones that are light (adding only 70 grams (approx) for 1 sq. metre of cells), robust and inexpensive.  We also build solar powered wings for others to fit onto their particular drone systems.

We can apply our encapsulation process to electric vehicles, boats, building surfaces and a range of defence applications including equipment and cases, autonomous and manned vehicles (ground and sea) and habitat facilities such as communication and accommodation tents.

OUR Awards

  • 2016 Australian eChallenge winner.
  • South Australian government grant recipient from the Early Commercialisation Fund. 
  • Selection in the inaugural 2017 TechStars Adelaide business acceleration program*. 

    Note - the offer to participate in the program was not taken up by Praxis.



Partnership with the University of Adelaide (with Consunet) for a submission to the Australian Defence Forces for a Small Unmanned Aerial System.  Since that time the consortium has been shortlisted by the Army and Praxis has been invited to partner with two other shortlisted companies for the Request-For-Proposal stage.

We are also being contracted by a major drone company to trial our technology on a non-solar drone platform.  We are also in similar early discussions with other international companies.