The Praxis Greenlight 7 solar powered drone is illustrated below. The drone has a flight duration of up to 7 hours (weather conditions permitting); much longer than others presently on the market.  It is due to come into production by March 2018.

Its modular payload system is designed for the one platform to suit differing customer needs, such as: 

  • Defence
  • Public safety, law enforcement, and border protection
  • Mapping and mining
  • Agriculture and pastoral
  • Medical deliveries to isolated or remote communities
  • Environmental and conservation management
  • Maintenance inspection of utilities
  • Outdoor media and sporting events. 
    Wing Span3.2 metres
    Max. Take Off Weight7 kgs (5 kgs when empty)
    Max. Payload2 kgs
    Ceiling Flying Height3000 metres SSL
    Energy produced260 w/hour
    Take off and landingSTOL with folding under carriage
    Cruise Speed (at 1500 SSL)60 kms/hour
    Max. Speed (at 3000 SSL)100 kms/hour


    Aeronautical Design


    Encapsulated Solar Wing Sets

    Praxis has an in-house aeronautical design capability.  We design and build to order specific solar powered wing sets for ‘retro-fitting’ on electric powered drones or for newly designed (by us or others) drones.

    A summary of cell characteristics encapsulated into composite material is shown below:

    Composite Design and Construction

    Praxis has the in-house expertise and capability to design and construct composite structures associated with the solar cell encapsulation process.


    Type of CellConversion Efficiency (%)Weight/sq m (grams)Voltage/sq mAmps/sq mWatts/sq mCost of Cells/sq m
    SunPower E-Le123.7428.839.74373.76232.1$450.56
    SunPower E-Me124.3428.840.45376.96238.24$718.72
    Alta Devices Dual Junction GaAs31.61302358.28126.73271.2$35000 (est.)