Praxis Aeronautics is re-imagining the opportunities that drones can play in our future using its proprietary solar encapsulation process to enable the longest duration drones on the market.

Praxis Founder and Director of Innovation and Manufacturing, Cameron Donaldson deduced that the solution to commercially viable solar electric aircraft is not purely in the development of suitable solar technology but in how the solar cells are incorporated into the aircraft structure.

To realise this solution, Praxis developed a proprietary process that encapsulates solar cells directly inside composite material, maintaining perfect optical clarity of the composite and not degrading cell performance. The process is unique in making solar cells a structural element of the material. Functioning as structure, the weight of the cells is offset and the UAVs increase in power without increasing weight.

The process, which is unique to Praxis Aeronautics:

  • Integrates the cells inside composite material so the cells become as tough and aerodynamic as composite material;
  • Allows Praxis to shape and bend the solar cells;
  • Adds no or little weight as the integrated cells replace composite material, becoming a structural element of the product;
  • Works with both Silicon and Gallium Arsenide cells;
  • Increases UAV flying time up to 200-300% over non-solar variants;
  • Results in a structure that is waterproof, scratch resistant and aerodynamic.