What we do

Praxis Aeronautics builds solar powered unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

Drones are used by large commercial operators to single purpose users for increasingly diverse applications such as aerial surveying, agriculture and law enforcement. Electric UAVs are used primarily because of their relatively lower cost, higher safety rating and simplicity of use. However due to limitations with battery technology, electric drones have the major disadvantage of a flying time limited to around 45 minutes. 

Praxis Aeronautics has solved this problem by incorporating solar cells into the actual structure of the UAV. The solution has been achieved through the development of our own process resulting in technology which is patent (pending) protected. This novel approach increases the flying time to up to 6 hours and overcomes the problem of the fragility of solar cells which has prevented their use in the past.

The use of drones is increasing rapidly as is the diverse range of potential users dealing with very real social issues. Links already made with business and industry include distribution of medical supplies such as birthing kits to remote areas in third world countries, beach surveillance for shark spotting, forest management and environmental mapping. 



Imagine that you’re an Australian soldier traveling down a dirt road in a foreign trouble spot, walking towards an explosive device buried in the road.  Instead of driving unknowingly into the trap, you stop your vehicle 100 metres away from where a solar drone has detected ground disturbance since its last surveillance flight.








You are a surfer who’s just paddled out past the break.  No one has noticed the 3 metre shark 20 metres away; that is, except the solar powered drone patrolling the coast that sounds its alarm and starts circling the shark while everyone heads towards the beach.